Excerpts from “The Last Interview with Hannah Arendt”

“The problem, the personal problem, was not what our enemies did but what our friends did. In the wave of Gleichschaltung*, which was relatively voluntary – in any case, not yet under the pressure of terror-it was as if an empty space formed around one. I lived in an intellectual milieu, but I also knew other people. And among intellectuals, Gleichshaltung was the rule, so to speak. But not amonth the others. And I never forgot that. I left Germany dominated by the idea-of course somewhat exaggerated: Never again!”

“Then came Herodotus, who spoke of ‘the great deeds of the Greeks and the barbarians.’ All of science comes from this spirit, even modern science, and the science of history too. If someone is not capable of this impartiality because he pretends to love his people so much that he pays flattering homage to them all the time-well, then there’s nothing to be done. I do not believe that people like that are patriots.”

“Well, demonization itself can help, as you’ve rightly said, to provide an alibi. You succumb to the Devil incarnate, and as a result you’re not guilty yourself. But above all…Look here, our whole mythology or our whole tradition sees the Devil as a fallen angel. And the fallen angel is of course much more interesting than the angel who always remained an angel, since the latter doesn’t even provide you with a good story. In other words, evil, especially in the twenties and thirties, played the role of ensuring that it alone had authentic depth, don’t you think? And then you get the same situation in philosopy-the negative as the only thing that gives any impetus to history, and so on. You can pursue this idea a very long way. And as a result, if you demonize someone, not only do you make yourself look interesting, you also secretly ascribe to yourself a depth that other people don’t have. The others are too superficial to have killed anyone in the gas chambers. Now i’ve put it like that deliberately, of course, but that’s what it comes down to.”

*Gleichschaltung – political co-ordination, refers to the widespread giving in, at the otuset of the Nazi era, to the changed political climate in order either to secure one’s position or to get employment. In addition, it describes the Nazi policy of converting traditional organizations-youth groups and all sorts of clubs and associations-into specifically Nazi organizations.

Excerpts from “The Last Interview with Hannah Arendt”

SURJ Meeting 2/9/17

Written By: Collette Delcase
Meeting: 2/9/17
What is it:
SURJ is a national network of groups and individuals organizing White people for racial justice. Through community organizing, mobilizing, and education, SURJ moves White people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for justice with passion and accountability.
How to get involved with SURJ:
-All workshops are posted on Eventbrite 
-Attend monthly meetings
-Join a committee
-Become a member
Resources from the Congressional Lobbying discussion group:
Organizations to check out:
Northside democracy for america
Pledge 27 ??? Non for profit 
citizenaction.com (phone banking)
Assata’s Daughters is a grassroots intergenerational collective of radical Black women located in the city of Chicago.
Peoples Lobby: local grass roots concerned with training people to be leaders while concentrating on the needs of the people and the plant before the interest of big corporations
CeaseFire Illinois: is the Illinois branch of the Cure Violence Organization, which operates in 6 cities throughout the state – Chicago, Maywood, Rockford, East St. Louis, Springfield, and North Chicago/Waukegan
Chicago women take action:  they organized the chicago women march
Feminist University (juilette)- group of ladys that get together and teach each other about important women and the like
Helpful Websites:
Issue voter
Once small thing- news letter
Daily action- they will text you the daily issue
Chicagoactivism.org web calender
Chicago is not broke
What do i do about trump
Resources (these are resources on SURJ page click the link to get the URL )
General Notes:
-Check in to the event was done online which made it easy and avoided standing in line.
-Venue perfectly accommodated the large group and the format of the event.
-Agenda’s were provided but only paper
-Every meeting has a theme and the meeting I attended was Accountability in terms of racial justice
-Interesting fact about SURJ is that leadership changes over every 6 months so there is a lot of opportunities to get involved.
-Child care was provided
-The goal of the leaders of the meeting was to provide the group with opportunities to get involved. The meeting format was to break up the group into discussion groups that were “issue Specific”. There were 7 different break-out groups that ranged from a general discussion about SURJ to immigration concerns, standing rock water protectors concerns to Congressional Lobbying.
Side Note of future events:
Child care for meetings is needed. Feb 14 training and march 4
Black own restaurant
Eventbrite will have workshops listed
Immigration training with 35 ward . Sat at 12 pm at Miracle center paulaski
Feb 19th desauble
Current Leadership of SURJ
-Emily teacher at school Noble where the meeting was held
SURJ Meeting 2/9/17

Northside Democracy for America 2/8/17


According to their own site:

“Northside DFA (Democracy for America) is grassroots political organization dedicated to electing socially progressive, fiscally responsible, ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government. Northside DFA is registered as a political committee with the state of Illinois.”

They endorse (and fund raise and campaign for) progressive state and local candidates in the Chicagoland area. This includes listening to candidate pitches, going door to door, envelope stuffing, phone calls, etc.

I’ve been really happy with this group so far! Everyone is very “action” focused in terms of their mission of getting progressive candidates elected, and they strongly encourage members to run for offices as well.

This meeting in particular focused on 3 of the 5 individuals running in the Evanston Mayoral Democratic Primary. Ps, Evanston is insanely interesting and let’s all start googling now. Start Here

Only members can vote (to become a member attend at least 2 meetings and participate in 2 volunteer activities per year) but anyone attending the meetings is welcome to voice concerns. I definitely geeked out during the debate and voting. ACTUAL DEMOCRACY.

Meetings are held at Chief O’Neil’s restaurant in Avondale the second Wednesday of every month! I haven’t been able to volunteer yet, but at their fundraiser someone won accolades for volunteering OVER 100 HOURS so I’m confident I’ll have a chance soon.


Northside Democracy for America 2/8/17